Chadwick Boseman Set To Play “Yasuke,” Japan’s First African Samurai

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for CinemaCon

Chadwick Boseman has become one of the most popular actors in Hollywood following his roles in Black Panther and the Avengers series. Having already had iconic roles in playing Jackie Robinson, James Brown and Thurgood Marshall, Boseman has proven he’s one of the best actors out. Now, he’s set to have the lead role in playing the first African samurai in Japan.

Boseman will play the role of Yasuke, the first African samurai. The movie is set to take place in 16th century Japan and will showcase his life and how he became the first African to step foot in the land of the rising sun.

From that, Yasuke reportedly sparked interest from infamous Japanese warlord, Nobunaga. According to Deadline, the film will show the “complex relationship developed between the two men as Yasuke earned Nobunaga’s friendship, respect and ultimately, the honor, swords and title of samurai.”

Boseman also praised his upcoming role.

“The legend of Yasuke is one of history’s best kept secrets, the only person of non-Asian origin to become a Samurai,” Boseman said. “That’s not just an action movie, that’s a cultural event, an exchange, and I am excited to be part of it.”