Common Will Become Global Citizen Ambassador to Work on Criminal Justice Reform

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Common is set to become a Global Citizen Ambassador by joining a program focused on working toward a criminal justice reform. In a recent interview with Billboard, Common spoke on his new mission and work.

“I want to bring a practical change in people’s lives. I want to walk down Atlantic Avenue and see someone’s life change because of Global Citizen and the work I’m doing,” He said.

Common is looking to decriminalize poverty and fix the bail system in New York. He’ll be looking to put pressure on those in charge looking to bring an end to cash bail.

“I want to help the people who are oppressed because of their skin, beliefs, and economics. I’m always in a fight for that,” He said.

Global Citizen co-founder Hugh Evans talked about the rapper joining the fight to help out those in need.

“We are thrilled to be working together to reach our goal of ending extreme poverty by breaking down the criminalization of poverty that exists in overlooked and under-supported communities both in the U.S. and across the globe.”

Salute to Common and those working on a criminal justice reform for those in need.

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