MC Eiht On New Music w/ ‘CMW’, Squashing Beef w/ Dj Quik, And What Inspires Him

photo credit: 935 KDAY

MC Eiht checks in with PJ Butta and talks squashing beef with Dj Quik, the Great MC’s that have come from Compton, and much more!

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary mark for the long-standing #KrushGroove experience, MC Eiht shared that this is an event that brings the whole city together and appreciate classic hip-hop.

It’s always love. I’ve never had a bad experience. I think this is good for our city, for the people, and for the whole [city] to come together and enjoy hip-hop from a classic standpoint. You know, we don’t get a lot of recognition but,you know, from KDAY, always puts it down. I think it’s a good look.

While the rapper returned to the Inglewood’s Forum with the “CMW” crew he began his career with, Eiht also told PJ Butta about his experience squashing his beef with DJ Quik saying, “That’s been under the rug for decades now. You know, like I’ve said, we’ve learned to come together as a whole. You know, he puts out music, I put out music. We’re trying to represent Compton and uplift the city and just keep the authentic going.”

Watch the full #KrushGroove interview with MC Eiht and PJ Butta below!