Spice 1 Talks 2Pac Friendship, Wilding At Too $hort’s House + Surviving Shooting

Spice 1 Talks 2Pac Friendship, Wilding At Too $hort’s House + Surviving Shooting
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Spice 1 sits down with Noah Ayala and Paulina and talks about being on Tupac’s last song, that one time he stole a car to do donuts at Too $hort’s house, why surgery was worse than being shot and what he’s working on next.

Coming from a Nor Cal upbringing, Spice has seen the highest success coming up during the early and pioneering era of gangster rap and the rapper has also experienced the trial of serving jail time and even surviving a shooting. While the rapper got his start in the rap game early on, Spice shares the moment he realized that he was on the come up with some of the biggest names in the West Coast as a teenager.

I remember walking to school and I had a flyer that said “Eazy-E, Boyz N The Hood,” and it said, “MC Spice”. I was 16. You know, $hort was at the show. You know, when NWA came out to Oakland to sing “Boyz N The Hood” and all of that, I was the opening act and $hort was up there and everything. Just to be around them cats, I’m, sitting back and I’m looking at Dre, and Cube, and Eazy, and I’m looking at them and they all kicking it together. And, I’m telling Cube and I’m telling Dre, “I’m going to be hard like watch when I come out man! You know, I’m jumping around and I’m telling them how I’m going to be when my album come out, or when I actually release anything. Just being around them fools put me in a whole different mind frame.

As the rapper might have taken a wild ride in one of Too $hort’s car, Spice shares what it was like being on 2 Pac’s last song. Sharing his last experience hanging out with Pac and being in the studio with the late rapper, Spice details going to a Mike Tyson fight with Pac and shared his time he spent with the “Americaz Most Wanted” rapper before he made the fatal trip back to Vegas.

Peep the full interview below!

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