Tone Loc & Millan Talk Old Skool Spring Jam Including Coolio, Michel’le, Candy Man, & Melvin Riley

Tone Loc / 93.5 KDAY

Tone Loc and Millan recently stopped by the KDAY Morning Show with Romeo to talk about their upcoming concert, the Old Skool Spring Jam happening Friday, March 8th at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center.

Tone Loc went on to give advice to up and coming artists, saying that they should “make sure that you have everything that belongs to you.” This proves as priceless advice considering many rappers don’t have their money right and may need help from experienced artists to get it right.

Tone and Millan also talked about their upcoming concert in Redondo Beach with Coolio, Michel’le, Candy Man, & Melvin Riley.

The veteran rapper also mentioned the rappers that inspired and guided him while he was still trying to make it. He goes on to say Redman, Kurtis Blow, RUN-DMC & LL Cool J were influential early on.

Watch the full KDAY Morning Show interview below: