Suge Knight Calls Cardi B: “Tupac in a Skirt”

Photo by Gary Coronado-Pool/Getty Images

In a recent phone conversation with the DailyMailTV’s Stephanie Haney, Suge Knight went on to talk about Tupac and conspiracy theories. The two went on to talk about the unreleased Tupac songs he’s kept hidden from his estate, Suge Knight Jr’s “2Pac is alive” conspiracies, and some artists he would like featured on an upcoming Pac album.

When talking about the conspiracies of Tupac being alive, he did not confirm nor deny it. “For me personally, there were sightings. I knew my son was one of those times,” Knight answered about the reported 2Pac “sightings” over the years. Knight went on to say, “Tupac is good, Tupac is good,” leaving things open-ended.

When Suge went on to talk about an upcoming Pac album, he said, “I’m not putting a timeline. I’m moving like a business man. I’m a mogul millennial.”

That wasn’t the end of it though. He even referred to Cardi B as “Tupac in a skirt.” “When it’s time to do a real Tupac album, you get the right people that work with him,” he continued. “That he would work with, you know, like Drake or… Beyonce likes Tupac music. He would definitely appreciate to see her with him.”