Tyrese is Heated His Ex-Wife Left Their Child With A Friend While On Vacation

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Coca Cola

It’s no surprise that Tyrese and his ex-wife have had a difficult relationship when it comes to co-parenting. Now, according to TMZ, there are still troubles going on with the Gibson’s. Tyrese was reportedly enraged finding out Norma flew out of the country on vacation, leaving their daughter Shayla with a friend. The singer is mad she didn’t alert him so he could take care of his daughter, instead. In a new court filing, Tyrese claims Norma dropped Shayla to a classmate for a one-night sleepover, while she headed for vacation in Trinidad.

Shayla has since returned to Tyrese a day later. Tyrese says he learned about the sleepover through a third-party, without any warning from Norma. She allegedly violated a court order from 2014 giving him the right to say no in this type of scenario. According to the judge, Tyrese needs to be notified when Norma leaves town. She now has to appear in court to justify the fact that Tyrese was not notified and leaving her child with a third party.

Hopefully the two can work this out.

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