Egyptian Lover Talks “1985” Album & Dr. Dre In N.W.A

Via: @thegyptianlover

Electro-Hip Hop legend Egyptian Lover has paved a way for DJs to walk into the electro-route. He’s still working on music nowadays, just releasing his latest album 1985 last November.

The 13 track features electro legends such as Newcleus, Funk Master Oz, Juan Atkins and Zarcon and the legendary DJ Qbert. “Since day one, it’s been the Egyptian Lover sound,” he says. “Call it what you want. I just keep doing what I love. It’s all about the beat. Being a DJ back in the early ’80s, I saw what made people have a good time. That uptempo 808 is timeless and I work that machine to death.”

Over the course of his career, he’s worked with multiple legendary artists, one of which is Dr. Dre. Egyptian Lover recalls the time Dre was in World Class Wrecking Cru making electro tracks like “Surgery.”

Egyptian Lover goes on to talk about Dr. Dre becoming a pioneer of gangsta rap as a member of N.W.A.

“I thought it was cool,” he says. “I remember hearing Mixmaster Spade [Compton Posse] do it on a mixtape back in 1981 and I also did it — called it ‘Street Rap’ — in 1979 on a mixtape. I never thought something like that would go mainstream, but it did. I was really proud of them.”

Check out 1985 below:

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