Jim Jones Appears to Make Peace Offering To Max B

Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Jim Jones and Max B have reportedly made peace and call truce to their hostility. Jones appears to have taken the first steps in the process with a subtle gesture at a recent concert.

This past week Dipset played at The Apollo in Harlem and Jim played one of the duets with Max, “G’s Up” from his Harlem: Diary of a Summer album. He did this without muting any words or slandering Max. This marked 10 years since Jones last played any music from Max B at a concert.

Aside from Dipset, Jim Jones and Max B were in a group called ByrdGang, but the relationship ended on bad terms between the two. Max B reportedly left the group after alleged tension, poor compensation, and disrespect from Jones. Hopefully when Max gets out of jail they can settle their issues completely.

Watch below:

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