LeBron James and More Launch Protein Powder Brand “Ladder”

Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

LeBron James adds on to his resume as he has partnered with Lindsey Vonn, Cindy Crawford and Arnold Schwarzenegger to start a health and wellness company called Ladder.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Ladder will initially offer two protein powders, a greens powder and an energy powder as their main products. The company might also sell snack foods in the near future as subscriptions on weareladder.com.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently asked about the idea on Men’s Health.

“He [LeBron] explained to me that the whole idea behind it was that he cannot afford to be tested and not pass a drug test,” Schwarzenegger said. “I found that fascinating, because that was always my complaint about the (protein) products, that they don’t know what is in this. You know that, ‘Ok, this is protein or this is whey protein or this is milk protein or this is egg protein. You know that, but you don’t know exactly what is in it.”

Salute to LeBron and the rest of the team on this move!

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