Donald Trump Says He Doesn’t Know Who Lil Jon Is

Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The always controversial President of the United States, Donald Trump has stated that he doesn’t know who Lil Jon is despite working with him on The Celebrity Apprentice.

We an agree that Lil Jon is not making he same waves as he did years back, but he deserves respect. Trump saying these statements after they’ve posed for pictures together in the past can be taken as dismissive.

Trump was confronted about race issues during a press conference by a journalist, with the latter accusing the President of using racist remarks. The journalist also asked Trump about the time he allegedly called Jon an “Uncle Tom.”

Number 45 impatiently shut down the allegations and said he has no clue who Lil Jon is at all. Who knows if this was done out of disrespect, but it does come off as dismissive.

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