Eminem Talks About His Anti-Trump BET Cypher

Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images for MTV

Eminem recently spoke to Elton John about his anti-Trump 2017 BET cypher.

“They were worried about people in the audience with their cell phones,” Em says. “Then whatever I say gets out there in the wrong context or just pieces of it you know. So it kind of got switch at the last minute for them to come to Detroit. So I had to switch some things around.”

He further mentioned the inspiration behind the location where it was taped.

“It was basically an homage to Public Enemy’s cover of ‘You’re Gonna Get Yours,’ which was a 12-inch single back in the day,” he says. “But that was kind of what we were trying to play off of.”

Eminem recently dropped his “Kamikaze” album and dissed Machine Gun Kellyi in the process, he’s also been on a spree of dropping music videos as of late too.

Listen below:

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