Jermaine Dupri talks Jay-Z + Snoop Dogg Collabs, Joins Songwriters Hall of Fame

93.5 KDAY

Jermaine Dupri stopped by the KDAY Morning Show with Romeo to talk about his Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg collabs, as well as joining the Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

Dupri started by talking about KDAY, and how the landscape in hip hop has changed so much considering there was not a station like this growing up.

“Now ya’ll got stations like this that play the music and say ‘okay, this is what was going on’, but it’s so weird to me because I don’t look at those years as my years.” He said.

Dupri mentioned working with Jay-Z on “Money Ain’t a Thang” and mentioning how they had the record done in less than five hours.

“I was playing ‘Can’t Knock The Hustle’ and I told him that I wanted to use a line from the song and then once he caught on to what I was saying, he started thinking about it…” he said.

Jermaine also mentioned earning his spot in the Songwriters Hall Of Fame and talks about new artists in the game.

Watch the full KDAY Morning Show interview below: