T.I. Is Curating A Trap Music Pop-Up Museum In Atlanta

Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Viacom

T.I. is giving more reasons as to why he might be the one-and-only, king of Trap music. Tip is currently organizing a pop-up tribute for the genre in a museum. The museum is said to celebrate 15 years of Trap, which coincidentally also marks the release of his debut studio album.

The museum will be open as of September 30th, but as of now, the Atlanta location has yet to be disclosed on the museum’s website.

T.I. explained his desire to make an impact on the culture when he created Trap Muzik.

“I wanted to make a classic. I knew I had to make timeless music, which could stand the test of time. It was about showing that even if you were participating in felonious activities, there were still other things you needed to deal with: you’re not just drug dealing but also dealing with a relationship with your parents, your girlfriend, having a child too young and being looked down on by society as one thing, when you’re actually much more than that definition.”

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