Mario Says “Just A Friend” Was Originally For Usher & Talks Heartbreak On “Drowning” [WATCH]

photo credit: 935KDAY

Since coming onto the scene with his hit debut single “Just A Friend” Mario has been a staple in R&B music.

Ahead of his Dancing Shadows fall album release, Mario takes us through the journey of his early career moments and even reveals to Romeo the inspiration behind his forthcoming music, studio moments, and that “Just A Friend” was originally meant for Usher.

When I started the album, we were looking for the single. We wanted to find something that was like youthful, fun, but also showed that I could sing, that this is real talent, right? So, the record was initially Usher’s record. Usher had already recorded it. He was in rehearsals for the video…Somehow, they turned down the record.

After releasing the “Just A Friend” record, Mario discusses the impact that record and music mogul Clive Davis and super producer Scott Storch had on his early studio sessions and career.

Mario also talks the inspiration behind his current single “Drowning” and what fans can expect to hear on his new album Dancing Shadows.

Watch the entire interview below: