Ice Cube Says Lebron James Doesn’t Make Lakers A Contender This Year

Getty Images | Robert Mora

Ice Cube has previously expressed him looking forward to LeBron James playing with the Lakers in the upcoming season. Many Laker fans are also excited for LeBron James’ purple and gold debut soon. However, Cube did express his sentiments about the Lakers being possible contenders for the championship.

“I think the Lakers have a lot of work to do to get to where the Celtics seem like they’re already at, but until the Lakers get into playoff contention, contending for a title like the Celtics are, then it’s going to be like ‘Come on, hurry up to the party.’ The Lakers have some work to do.” Cube said.

Fans are still anxiously awaiting for the new season to start and with the NBA set to release the 2018-19 schedule very soon, everything is coming together nicely for the purple and gold squad.

Watch below:

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