Bun B Salutes Travis Scott For Being A One-Of-A-Kind Artist

Photo by Sasha Haagensen/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Few rappers are as respected as the legendary Bun B. The Texas MC and one-half of the UGK collective had a recent interview with XXL’s show ‘Views‘ in which he addressed multiple topics, including his thoughts on fellow rapper, Travis Scott.

Bun mentioned Scott’s success following the release of his new album, Astroworld. “Coming from where he comes from, to make it to where he’s made it at, usually doesn’t happen,” Bun explains, sharing just how tough it is to blow up in that area. “It shows that there’s something special about him and the way that he expresses himself musically, and the way that he’s able to connect with people, particularly at his shows.”

Bun B has been a Texas ambassador throughout his career. He currently holds a hip-hop and religion course at Rice University.

Watch the rest of the interview below: