The Game Explains Why Wanted To Turn Down $1M Fashion Nova Deal

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Although Fashion Nova has become a staple for women’s clothing, their men’s line of clothing is catching the attention of many.

The Game recently went on Instagram to say that he was hesitant on rocking the Fashion Nova line for men, but that he eventually signed a $1M modelling deal with them.

This is just a honest post… when @zellswag 1st hit me & asked me how I felt about him gettin me a @fashionnovamen gear & having them do a million dollar deal… my 1st reply was “Fuck no, I ain’t wearing that shit… that’s for girls nigga”.. I didn’t care how much they was tryna pay me… then he said “Naw, they got a men’s line… Just lemme put together some looks for you & bring em to you”…. I said “OK”. He brought it, I went through all the clothes & I told em “This shit actually fly as fuck”…. he was like so let’s do this deal… I was still hesitant but I said, “Fuck it, let’s go” !!!! A month later, I’m hitting him like “Aye nigga… I’m running out of shit & need more. Today, I put the windbreaker wit the ripped jeans & had niggas in the barbershop ask me “Game, not on no weird shit… but what kind of jacket is that” lol… I told niggas @fashionnovamen & all them niggas was like… “I’m fuckin wit it if you are”. #TRUESTORY #WELIT 🔥🔥🔥 @fashionnovamen

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Many companies get big name acts to wear their clothing for added exposure, and this seems to be that case.

An associate of Game informed him that the company launched a men’s line and convinced him to take a look at it. The Game eventually looked through it and thought “This sh*% is actually fly AF.”

Would you cop Fashion Nova’s line for men?

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