Omar Epps Talks Improvising Lines On The Set Of “Juice” With Tupac

During a recent interview with Yahoo to promote his new movie Traffik, Omar Epps reminisced about the relationship he had with Tupac while recording Juice.

“Tupac was one of those larger-than-life characters in real life,” said Epps. “He just had a magnetic presence. And he was an amazing actor. He had chops.

“What I enjoyed about him was he was super smart. Way more book-read than what people knew. … You could feel his artistry. He just had this energy on him that was just bubbling. It was like, ‘Man, this guy is gonna go somewhere.’”

Both Epps and Tupac had iconic performances that that you would never know that they were improvising throughout the whole movie. “We basically ad-libbed the whole movie, literally” Epps revealed. “Because the original screenplay that they wrote, those guys were a little older, so some of the verbiage was, ‘Hey, jive turkey!’”