Kobe Bryant Says Magic Johnson Deserves Second Statue After Bringing In LeBron James

Photo by Maxx Wolfson/Getty Images

Although Kobe Bryant hasn’t gotten his statue in front of the Staples Center yet, he’s already thinking Magic Johnson deserves a second one. It’s said because he played an important role in getting LeBron James to join the Lakers.

“Think about this for a second,” Kobe said on The Stephen A. Smith Show. “Magic was always my favorite player growing up. He wins five championships with the Lakers, right? And then he becomes an owner and wins five more. Then he steps away, comes back when he’s president of basketball operations and is influential in bringing LeBron James to L.A. I mean, they might have to get this dude another statue. What Magic is pulling off, man, it’s absolutely incredible.”

Kobe isn’t the only former Laker talking LeBron’s move, though. Shaq also had something to say about James heading to the West.

“The power has always been in the West especially the last couple of years. However the move is still not enough to match the Golden State Warriors,” he said, keeping in mind that the Warriors also added DeMarcus Cousins to their roster. He continued on by saying, “I think for him to be considered a great Laker, he definitely has to win a championship.”

The Lakers are still looking to add big names to their roster, with the likes of Kawhi Leonard sounding as a possible option.

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