GZA Looks Down on the New Age of Rap

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Mastercard

In a recent interview with Miami New Times, Wu-Tang member, GZA, had something to say about new rappers.

He mentions how lyricism has regressed and that it comes with hip hop. He also went on to mention how he likes and dislikes some of the music being released nowadays.

“Now musically, [hip-hop] will forever continue to change,” he says. “I’m not knocking producers or the artists nowadays. Some of the stuff sounds good and some doesn’t, but it’s just my opinion. But I think, lyrically, there’s been a regression.”

“The inspiration comes from everything around me, that which is within me, outside of myself, that which I hear, I see,” he says. “The inspiration comes from all over. That’s what’s so disappointing about hip-hop nowadays, because the subject matter is all the same. Everyone is speaking about the same thing, and it’s all usually materialistic, when there’s so much in the world to pull and grab from.” he said when asked about what inspires him now.

GZA is revered as one of the best lyricists in Wu-Tang, so this is not surprising. His standard for rap bars is high.

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