Lupe Fiasco Says Slavery Was A Choice, But In A Different Way To Kanye’s Statement

Photo by Mark Nolan/Getty Images for Reden

Lupe Fiasco quickly responded to Kanye West’s comments on slavery being a choice.
“Slavery was a choice because you either had the choice of death or work.” he said.
Fiasco mentions how the “white-man” used death to keep slaves as ‘slaves’ when coming to this country. He continues by saying how Africans at the time believed in resurrection, so certain slaves chose suicide to go back to their ancestors instead of enduring slavery.
At the time, slave masters would cremate the bodies of those that died or cut off their limbs to keep them from being able to ‘resurrect’ and go back to their ancestors. This would allow the slave masters to not only take their freedom, but also take the freedom that they would have in death.
Thus, forcing slaves to stay in slavery.

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