Method Man Explain What Got Him Into Hip Hop!

Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

Wu-Tang member, Method Man has had an extremely successful career as a rapper, actor and now co-host of Drop The Mic.
On a recent sit-down with HipHopDX, he explained from his role as Drop The Mic co-host to his dad’s influence on him liking Parliament Funkadelic.

“Most kid’s culture development starts at home. You know, whatever music their parents play, whatever programs their kids watch on TV is the influence that you get as a child. For me, it was Parliament Funkadelic [and] Dolemite….but yeah, always my dad.”
He further added what things has the biggest effect on him.
“I was broke, like every kid around me was, so there’s no story there.” He jokingly says.
“You know, what gave me my love for hip hop was just growing up in that environment. Moving to Staten Island gave me my education early. That was the first time I’d ever seen a DJ spin live on turntables and I used to just stand there, next to the DJ table and just watch the DJ do his thing and be amazed at that. Yeah, built me to who I am now.”
Method Man recently performed at Krush Groove 2018 with his longtime rap partner, Redman.
Watch below: