Snoop Dogg Reveals How He Freestyled His Way To A Record Deal With Suge Knight

Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

On a recent interview for the ‘Uncensored’ season finale, Snoop Dogg went into details about the phone call that got him a record deal with Suge Knight. He talks how Suge got him on the phone and asked him to freestyle with only the first bar given to him. Snoop then had to create around it and act like he was playing the song to record executives that Suge had on the other line.
Snoop did just that, and it changed his life forever. “He called me back [and said], ‘Write the song, we got the deal.’ So I wrote the song ‘Deep Cover,’ the whole song, without Dre even being there,” Snoop says in the video.
Watch below:

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