LL Cool J Shows the Importance of Understanding Where Hip Hop Comes From

Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images

On a recent interview on the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live, LL Cool J discussed his most recent endeavor: launching his own radio station on SiriusXM. He also briefly mentioned the importance of understanding where hip hop comes from.
“There was hip hop before LL Cool J and RUN-DMC. And there was hip hop before Tupac and Biggie, you know? And there was hip hop before there was all these people that are so famous now, so you need to understand where it comes from so you can understand what is Kendrick [Lamar] doing? What is Drake doing? Ok, how does that compare to where it came from? What does it mean?” he said.
The hip hop legend has been vocal about the lack of pioneer representation in the rap game, thus wants to dedicate celebrating these artists on his new platform.
Watch below:

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