Too $hort & E-40 Are Calling For A Hip-Hop Intervention

Too $hort & E-40 Are Calling For A Hip-Hop Intervention
Maury Phillips/WireImage

E 40 and Too $hort had some powerful words for Hip Hop in a recent interview. The two bay area rappers are calling for an intervention in hip hop blaming social media for the rise of violence.  

“One reason the violence has gotten worse is social media. Rappers are trying too hard to flex online to the detriment of their safety. These dudes are getting money at a faster rate than we ever did. We’ve been to the strip club when a rapper was sitting with walls of money—like, walls: Each stack was three feet tall.

“How can you throw that much money in one night? We have no idea. Some of these artists spend thousands on an outfit and millions on jewelry, then jump in their Bugatti or whatever and show off so much money that they can barely hold it in their hand for an Instagram photo.”

40 and $hort also want record labels and music executives to protect their artists. “We have to turn the corner. We don’t want to fall in love with an artist and then have to mourn them. We don’t want to go to a hip-hop show and then die.”

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