Xzibit Talks About The Misunderstanding He Had With Tupac

In a recent interview, Xzibit opened up about the misunderstanding he had with Tupac. During that time he released his song Paparazzi in which he said “In the rap game only for the money and the fame” this was taken in the wrong context because at that same time Tupac also released his song how do you want it where he said, “ I’m only in it for the money and the fame”.

“I was coming from a purist Hip Hop backpack at the time,” Xzibit said. “Hip Hop rappers didn’t wanna be commercial and they didn’t wanna be associated with pop radio, and none of that shit, it was like underground Hip Hop … and it had nothing to do with 2Pac.”

Xzibit then shares how these two hooks were taken and turned into beef. So much was happening that there was no time to clear it completely up. But he recalls a time he ran into Tupac at the House of Blues. 

“[2Pac] hopped out, it was all love, we shook hands, we walked to the club, he tore it down that night,” Xzibit said. “But we never had a chance to be like, ‘Hey man this is what I meant.’ Even like recently, me and E.D.I. did a song together called ‘One Nation,’ and we spoke about that and it was such a big misunderstanding.”

It’s crazy how the smallest things get twisted and turned into a big misunderstanding. 

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