Jeezy Shares How T.I. Convinced Him To Stop Hustling

It’s no secret that the Snow-fall rapper Jeezy had a history of trapping and actually lived the life he raps about. In a recent interview, he shared how T.I. influenced his decision to leave the streets of Atlanta and put all his energy into his rap career.  

“I’m working on Thug Motivation. T.I. comes in the studio, I’m doing my thug thing. I probably got 2.5 [million dollars] with me in the booth, sitting with me. I got the machine going and everything,” he began.  “So he was like ‘Let me holla at you for a second.’ He took me in the hallways, we walk to the bathroom. He goes, ‘You know you can’t do both right. You can’t rap and do what you’re doing. You’re talent, you’re going to blow at some point. If you continue to do what you’re doing, I don’t know how that’s going to work out for you.’”

I looked at him and said, ‘Well, sh*t. Don’t you do both? ‘Cause you the Rubber Band Man.’ He’s like, ‘Hell Nah! I left that alone a long time ago.’ For me, that was a real wake-up call,” Jeezy added. 

Jeezy then goes on revealing this was a pivotal time because soon after he decided to take rap seriously his homies began to get locked up.

“It was so funny to people that I was really trying to be a rapper. You wouldn’t know how many homies laughed at me. I’ll never forget, when I got that first deal and when ‘Dem Boyz’ came on the radio, it was God, man … The minute everybody started getting indicted is when I started blowing up. I was like, ‘Damn, I’m supposed to be here.’”

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