Daz Dillinger Corrects Snoop Dogg’s Claim That Nas Was Originally Featured On 2Pac’s “Got My Mind Made Up”

Daz Dillinger Corrects Snoop Dogg's Claim That Nas Was Originally Featured On 2Pac's "Got My Mind Made Up"
IPhoto by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

Daz Dillinger has come forward to clear the air and correct some claims that were recently made by Snoop Dogg on the latest episode of Drink Champs. 

Citing the popular podcast, Dillinger shared a video to his YouTube channel where he stated that Snoop was incorrect when he claimed that Nas was original to be featured on “Got My Mind Made Up.” During the nearly six-minute clip, Daz explains the backstory to what happened with the Nas and Tupac collab, and that Snoop was referring to another song by the name of “Don’t Stop Keep Going. “I was looking at the Drink Champs the other day,” says Dillinger,  Snoop was explaining about that Nas verse. Whole situation wrong, he was never ever on ‘Got My Mind Made Up.’ The original person that was on ‘Mind Made Up’ was me, Kurupt, Method Man, Redman, Inspectah Deck, and the Lady of Rage.”

As for the final cut of “Got My Mind Made Up,” Lady of Rage was removed from the song and Deck’s verse was edited down, so Dillinger goes on to share, “The song he was talking about, which was ‘Don’t Stop Keeping Going,’ I’ma play it for y’all. Nas was on this first, I took it to Death Row and 2Pac heard it without me being there and put himself on there. And I said, ‘F**k that, let me put this out.’”

Snoop claimed that Nas was originally featured on the song, which was released on Pac’s 96 album, All Eyez on Me.