St. Lunatics Rapper Ali Slams Nelly Following Subliminal Diss & Takes Credit For ‘Country Grammar’

Nelly recently celebrated his I Am Hip Hop BET honor, along with a recent country album release, and while the rapper has made headlines for his career milestones, and viral moments during Verzuz battles, it looks as though a former St. Lunatic isn’t too pleased with the diamond-status artist.

On Monday morning, Ali shared an old interview clip of Nelly praises the former Lunatics’ role in shaping the sound and branding of Nelly’s debut Country Grammar. Now, Ali claims that his early morning post was in reposes to what he believed to be a subliminal diss from Nelly, which reportedly stated, “It’s called a career and in it you have ups and downs…some never have ups themselves so technically they just never had a career. they just was apart of someone else. FACT!!”

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Explaining his stance on how he propelled Nelly’s rap career, Ali uploaded the following message to his timeline, “I wrote it & he said it and we sold 10,000,000.” “do you notice that he hasn’t said ANYTHING about that country album !!?? Well I’ll tell you why …13,000 !!!! Wow , that’s how many copies of that album he sold.” Ali, goes on to state that his career was writing Nelly a career!

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