Snow Tha Product’s “Queen Of The South” Role Inspired Her To Share Authentic Latin Stories In Film

Snow Tha Product's "Queen Of The South" Role Inspired Her To Share Authentic Latin Stories In Film

photo credit: 935 KDAY

Snow Tha Product has wasted no time in developing her career, so when the pandemic hit, the lockdown experience gave the Cali native had the opportunity to take a step back to appreciate how far she’s come and how much she has accomplished on her come up.

Consistently touring back-to-back, for the past 10 years has not only set up Snow for continued success, the pandemic break gave her the chance to look inward and refocus her energy. Getting back to work now, Snow has much in store for her fans, with an upcoming appearance on Red Bull’s Batalla freestyle series, where she’ll be a guest judge. Coming from the same style of rap, Cece of the KDAY Middays show, praises Snow for her previous performance on BET, where she took the opportunity to shed light on her community and her upbringing. As Snow continues to expand her brand, the rapper details her experience stepping into acting and more production experience in film, with her work on ‘Queen Of The South.’ Snow explains that she wants to be able to share stories and experiences of the Latin community in a way that is authentic and accurate.

Snow goes on to share how she recently purchased a full-on ranch in L.A., her recent collaboration with Jon Z, misconceptions she’s heard about herself, and much more.

Check out the full interview below!