Former Death Row Records Producer Claims Suge Knight Gave Label Power To Preteen Keyshia Cole

Former Death Row Records Producer Claims Suge Knight Gave Label Power To Preteen Keyshia Cole
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There’s been much talk these past few weeks surrounding Death Row Records, as a possible announcement may come soon, and more specifically a interview that has been making its rounds with exclusive details about alleged past relationships involving Dr. Dre, connections with the late 2Pac’s untimely passing, and now news involving Keyshia Cole.

While former Death Row singer Michel’le came forward, last week, to reportedly deny viral claims that she told Pac Dre may have been involved with another man, the same DR producer, who brought these claims up,  Curt “Kurt Kobane” Couthon, has some new details about singer Keyshia Cole’s time spent at the once dominating West Coast label. When asked about Cole’s preteen years as a Death Row signee, Curt tells The Art of Dialogue, “She was a part of, I believe, Hammer’s situation from Oakland. She was really like a fish out of water in this situation ’cause she’s only 12-years-old, she’s trying to do R&B at Death Row Records.” He continued, “So, we was really working with her project which we wasn’t taking too serious at the time.” Although Cole’s project wasn’t much a priority, Curt reveals Suge Knight’s relationship with KC was close.

Suge was giving her power. She was like, Suge little niece or something, you know what I’m sayin’? At twelve. She was gettin’ whatever the f*ck she want so if she want studio time, you had to go work with Keyshia.

Couthon was once the co-lead of the R&B department so his time with the label could very well garner some truth to his claims as he also shared that Cole bonded with Pac over their Oakland love and was also present the night he died.

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