Young Buck Reveals Beef With 50 Cent Was Staged By Rap Mogul

Young Buck Reveals Beef With 50 Cent Was Staged By Rap Mogul
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In a surprising and completely unexpected turn of events, former G-Unit member Young Buck hopped on Instagram live to reveal to his fans that his drawn out beef with mogul 50 Cent was staged.

Over the last few years, 50 and Buck has seemingly become estranged, at least to the public eye, as the former collaborators and friends did not see eye-to-eye post G-unit ties, when 50 trolled Buck on the internet for allegedly hooking up with a transgender woman. Well, it what is all an apparent fabrication, Buck revealed that the entire beef was staged by Fif himself. In the nearly six-minute social media clip, Buck states, We playing that sh*t. We ain’t got no motherf*cking beef. You understand me?” He goes on to continue, “That’s what you motherf*ckers get ’cause you motherf*ckers are always chasing this beef sh*t, and then we done played y’all motherf*cking ass”.

Buck continued to express how 50 was the mastermind behind the entire dispute, which ultimately, according to Buck, would get people to “hate him” but then love him again. Buck also went on to say that the two would hop back on live together to explain the whole thing.

Check out the full clip below!


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