KXNG Crooked Explains Decision To Not Diss Dr. Dre & Eminem During Death Row Era

KXNG Crooked Explains Decision To Not Diss Dr. Dre & Eminem During Death Row Era

photo credit: Math Hoffa l YouTube

Much has changed within the landscape of hip-hop and with that comes revealing moments that artists of a Golden Age of rap lets us in on, because of the lessons they’ve learned and the surprising experiences they’ve faced. For KXNG Crooked, who originally began his career as a Death Row signee, his respect for the game was when he was once presented the opportunity to diss Dr. Dre and Eminem.

Although Crooked has stated he held his then label, Death Row, with high regard and appreciation, even when he didn’t completely agree with the vision of the company, Crook explained to Math Hoffa that he was requested to diss Em and Dre, while signed to the Row, but he ultimately decided to remain neutral.

I was on the radio, live with Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, and Ja played that joint “Loose Change” that he had dissing Eminem. He said uh some real crazy stuff about Em’s daughter and all that. He premiered it on the radio, and you know, it was lit, he was at it. And the host was like, ‘Yeah, so Crooked, you’re up next. You’re about to send some shots to Dre and Em, you got something for them?’ And I was like, ‘Nah, that’s not my beef. I just got over here, you know. I’m trying to make great music. I’m trying to bring that back to the W. That’s my focus. Yo, Dre is the greatest producer ever. Sounds like Em got bars and all that’.

Crook goes on to explain that Dr. Dre heard the the radio interview and praised him for not taking any shots at him or Em even though he had the opportunity to do so.

Checkout Crook’s remarks at the 53-minute mark below!