The Game Accused Of Scamming Up & Coming Rappers Out Of Thousands Of Dollars

The Game Accused Of Scamming Up & Coming Rappers Out Of Thousands Of Dollars

photo credit: Christopher Polk l Getty Images

Unfortunately, The Game is currently facing some serious allegations as the Compton rapper is being accused of cheating up and coming artists out of thousands of dollars. While we continue to face push through a global pandemic that has left thousands unemployed and faced to find new ways of creating income, many believe that the formerG-Unit member is taking advantage of new rappers during uncertain and meek times.

According to a lengthy and revealing Instagram post, The Foo Community details how Game reaches out to rappers via Instagram story to express interest in working wth them. The exposé goes on to state that the 41-year-old would have inquiring artists pay $1000 or more for a featured appearance or a spot on a mixtape, but many have now pointed out that Game using a separate Soundcloud account that doesn’t have the same following as Game’s main platform. The secondary account is not verified and artists are seeing far less audience on their pages as expected viewers of thousands have only rendered a few hundred.

The rapper is also accused of releasing seven compilation mixtapes through the account, which the majority have only gotten 5-250 views each since dropping them back in December. The account only has about 250 followers so the rappers that Game was working with are feeling short changed for the thousands of dollars they invested.

Game hasn’t spoken out about the issue yet as the issue is mostly speculation at this time. Take a look at the post below!



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