Snoop Dogg Considers Who Would Play Him In A Biopic

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

If there is one OG who definitely needs a full production on his life, it is without a doubt Snoop Dogg.

While the West Coast and hip-hop legend has held down career longevity like no other, and with the recent portrayal in the ‘Straight Outta Compton’ flick, Uncle Snoop has proven to be legend that needs to be celebrated with a closer look at his come up. Speaking with Associated Press, the Long Beach native contemplated on whether or not there is an actor who can take on the role of one of the biggest rappers in entertainment. Snoop says, “There’s so many dope actors that have graced the screen and there’s so many dope actors that have yet to grace the screen”. He later continues, “I don’t know who could play me. It would have to be someone who could win me over. When I think of someone playing you, I think of how Jamie Foxx played Ray. That was like spot on. So I would have to find me a Jamie Foxx or someone that could actually become Snoop Dogg on screen and give me all of that element. And I don’t know if that person is out there or has yet to be discovered. But when I get to that point, I’ma find him”.

Back in 2018, Snoop teased that he’d be working with Lee Daniels and Ryan Coogler on an upcoming biopic but there was no word on when production would kick in to gear. Either way, Snoop is more than deserving to tell his own story, when the moment is right!

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