Former NBA Baller Stephon Marbury Calls Out Jay-Z: “You Sold Drugs To Black People”

Former NBA Baller Stephon Marbury Calls Out Jay-Z: "You Sold Drugs To Black People""
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Former NBA star Stephon Marbury is not feeling Jay-Z and apparently the two have been beefing for years!

In a recent interview with Heavy, Stephon accused Jay-Z of putting on a facade and he also calls out HOV’s work with criminal justice reform and social issues that continue to affect the Black community. Marbury tells Heavy that he and Jay’s feud reportedly began after the rapper took a jab at him in his 2003 hit song “La-La-La (Excuse Me Miss Again)”. According to the baller, Jay’s lines about Marbury being robbed of $150K worth of jewelry back in 2000 stemmed from the professional basketball player dancing with a woman, in a night club, who Jay-Z apparently knew, and that got Jay “real mad”.

We was in the club and she went off and we started dancing. We started dancing and it wasn’t nothing, it was just dancing. It’s New York. I’m from New York, she’s from New York and we started dancing. And come to find out after, she was like, ‘Yo! Do you know that homeboy [Jay-Z] was vexed and mad because you and I started dancing?’ And I was like, ‘For what?’ And I said, ‘That’s what we do.’ She was like: ‘Word.’ Homie got real mad because of that. So I guess he went and did whatever he did and made his little song.

During the Heavy interview, Marbury continues to call out the Roc Nation honcho’s place in today’s social climate, claiming that Jay-Z is putting on a facade. Marbury speaks out and says, “I look at Jay-Z and I say, ‘Wow, here you are trying to be something that you’re not. You’re not an advocate for Black people, you sold drugs to Black people and you rapped about it and talked about it. How do you do that? Like, I’m trying to figure that part out. Like, you can’t make that right. This ain’t snitching, this ain’t telling on nobody, you told on yourself already.”

Now it is nothing new that one of the most prominent rap figures in hip-hop came from a street upbringing, so, as Marbury points out, this is something that Jay-Z has rapped about and many have looked passed as the New York native has gained great reverence for his music and contribution to social justice reform.

Watch the full interview below, the Jay-Z mention occurs around the 31:00 mark!


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