Protest Arises & Witnesses Dispute L.A. Deputy Claims After Dijon Kizzee Killing

photo credit: Nathan Howard l Getty Images

As the country continues to witness many black lives taken and chronically injured by the affects of police brutality, i.e. the recent shooting of Jacob Blake, who was unarmed but shot 7 time sin the back by Kenosha police, and the unfortunate killing of George Floyd earlier this march, Los Angeles Police are now under the microscope for last night’s killing of a Black man in South L.A.

Monday night, Dijon Kizzee was killed by Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies after Kizzee was being stopped while riding his bicycle. According to the sheriff’s department, their deputies saw Kizzee riding a bike Monday afternoon and approached him for a vehicle code violation, but it has yet to be specified the exact violation. Deputies allege that Kizzee got off of his bike and started running and when they finally caught up to him, he attempted to fight back, punching one of the deputies in the face. It was at this time that deputies say Kizzee dropped a gun.

Witnesses to the delay shooting are disputing sheriff’s claims as one witness stated to ABC 7, “He never had the gun. He had no gun. They said they heard a gun fall. What fell was his cellphone.”

Also, witness Latiera Irby stated, “They killed that man for nothing. For nothing. He had his hands up with his clothes in his hands, and he was backing up trying to get away from them and they kept antagonizing that man.”

While the alleged weapon was recovered at the scene, Kizzee’s family is now demanding the identities of the deputies invoked be released and also asked for their arrest and prosecution.

Protests took place last night where Kizzee was killed.



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