Mayor Eric Garcetti Orders For Businesses To Shut Down Amidst Corona Virus Concerns


(Photo by Sarah Morris/Getty Images)

The corona virus has shaken the entire nation making many people worry. It was officially announced yesterday by the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti that all restaurants, bars, nightclubs, entertainment venues, and gyms will be closed  in the city until at least March 31st.

The CDC recommends you to not be in public areas with more than 50 people. Many restaurants will be offering a food delivery alternative since their dining areas will be closed. This took into effect on March 16th at 12am. Although many places will remain closed grocery stores, pharmacies and food banks will remain open in Los Angeles. Eric Garcetti stated, “Our decisions will determine the fate of loved ones. Our decisions and actions will determine the length of this crisis, the damage done to our economy and ultimately how quickly we will get back up on our feet.” They are currently taking all percussions possible in order to keep everyone safe.

Many schools have since shut down including the schools in Los Angeles Unified School District and Glendale Unified, classes will resume in April. After school sports will take a halt until further notice and school events like open house have been postponed. Many students may be affected by this therefore, “Glendale Unified is in the process of applying for waivers to the federal government that would allow students to pick up meals from schools, which would address a number of students that rely on school nutrition.” Mayor Garcetti did instruct everyone to not hoard food because it could put others in danger and expressed that food storage is coming as they are working closely with markets to restock. 

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