Terrance Wants The Money He Deserves

Terrence Howard

Photo Credit:  Jerod Harris  | Getty Images

Terrence Howard’s company is accusing 20th Century Fox of refusing to pay up on money owed for his work on “Empire”. Howard’s company Universal Bridges is suing 20th Century Fox Film Corporation for breach of contract.

Universal Bridges is Howard’s loan-out company that is run by his current fiancé Mira Howard – In the docs, Universal Bridges says Fox agreed to pay Howard through the loan-out company for his work on “Empire.” The studio was paying Howard until recently. 

The issue over the paychecks appears to stem from Howard’s ex-wife and current finance Michelle Ghent, attempting to collect on $1.3 million owed to her. The actor continues to act on the show to this date. However, his company accuses Fox of failing to pay him for the last three produced episodes “even though it was contractually obligated to do so.” Universal Bridges is suing for the court to order Fox owes Howard the money for the episodes and attorney fees. 


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