Pleasure P Gets Into Fast Food Drive-Thru Altercation

Photo Credit: Neilson Barnard  | Getty Images

The Millennium Tour 2020is in full swing and fans are excited to see their favorite 2000s artists hit the stage once again. There wasn’t any troublesome news reported from the road until Thursday when a story surfaced about Pretty Rickys Pleasure P’s arrest. NBC Miami reported that P was intoxicated at a Checkers eatery when he made his way through the drive-thru and yelled at the employee through the intercom. Then, P allegedly drove up to the window, shouted at the employee again, and then shoved money and food at the unnamed victim.


Police at the scene reportedly smelled alcohol on the singer and took statements from Pleasure P and the Checkers staff. Authorities decided to take P into custody and he’s been charged with battery. He’s since been released, and he’s taken to Instagram to deny the allegations against him. 


“Yo, don’t believe the hype, Imma just tell y’all that right now,” Pleasure P said in a video clip. “Whatever they saying is not true. I’m not gunna really explain myself cause i dont feel like i have to, but I’m definitely gonna look into what really happened. Y’all will be hearing the real story of what actually did take place. C’mon, y’all know I ain’t going out like that. I ain’t put my hands on no female or nothin’ crazy like that.”


The singer may have said in the video that he would talk about the incident at a later date, but he also penned a lengthy caption explaining the situation in detail. “I was wrongfully arrested, instead of checkers having better customer service and correcting my order. food was Thrown at me and the staff was very disrespectful,” he wrote.


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