Tyler Perry’s “A Fall From Grace” Was Reportedly Filmed In 5 Days

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Tyler Perry has a new film coming out on Netflix, called A Fall From Grace. This is his first collaboration with Netflix and it will be released this Friday. The film stars Bresha Webb, who plays Jasmine Bryant, a public defender trying to get her client cleared from murder charges.

The cast sat down with People NOW and spoke about their experiences on set and how they only filmed in five days. Perry said, “While it takes people in Hollywood seven days to shoot one episode of a prime-time drama, we shoot two in six to seven days. I just have a crew that does the impossible every day. They work closely with me, and we pull it all off, so it’s really amazing.”

The film was filmed at Tyler’s very own studios in Atlanta. The cast was very happy with how the whole production and filming was ran. Bersha Web expressed how she felt and said, “The dimension is what I loved about this script and the character,” Webb said. “It’s hard for many writers to create black women that can have the strength and the softness that we show in our normal lives. Tyler also shared earlier this month that he writes all his films and has had over 40 films.

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