Chick-Fil-A Will Stop Donating To Anti-LGBTQ Organizations

Chick-Fil-A Will Stop Donating To Anti-LGBTQ Organizations
Photo by Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images

Chick-Fil-A is definitely a go-to spot for anyone that wants to eat quality chicken for a great prize. While many people do love the restaurant, they’ve also become known for their stance against the LGBTQ community. This problematic stance has led many people to boycott Chick-Fil-A.

As the restaurant continues to grow, Chick-Fil-A President and COO Tim Tassopoulos has been looking to donate to different organizations. In a recent interview with Bisnow, Tassapoulos says that he will not be donating money to anti-LGBTQ organizations.

“There’s no question we know that, as we go into new markets, we need to be clear about who we are,” Bisnow said. “There are lots of articles and newscasts about Chick-fil-A, and we thought we needed to be clear about our message.”

Chick-fil-A Foundation has plans to donate $9M to organizations like Covenant House International, that focuses on fighting homelessness, and Junior Achievement USA to support education. He also plans to donate $25,000 to local food banks to cities where they will expand their chain.