Gabriel Iglesias on Netflix Show “Mr. Iglesias,” John Witherspoon, Tour & More

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Gabriel Iglesias recently stopped by the KDAY Morning Show with Cece & Romeo to talk about his Netflix show, “Mr. Iglesias,” his tour and the passing of John Witherspoon.

Iglesias went on to talk about “Mr. Iglesias,” and how he’s executive producing the show. He went on to talk about having as much creative control as possible over his show. “If something has your name on it, you want to have as much creative control as possible. The more control you have over your own product, I think the more successful you’re going to be. I have to make sure other people aren’t making [creative] decisions that conflict with what I’m already doing,” he said.

Gabriel Iglesias then talked about the passing of John Witherspoon and how it affected him. “I had the pleasure of working with him a few times. He was one of the few comics that I saw back in the day.”

He goes on to say how his main objective in life at the moment is to lose weight.

Watch the full Cece & Romeo interview below:

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