Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Continues To Be Popular During Halloween Season

Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images

Michael Jackson has many classics to his name, but none come close to the popularity of “Thriller.” With Halloween recently passing, its inevitable that someone will play the popular song at some point. And even though cancel culture tried coming for Jackson, his “Thriller” has stood the test of time.

According to People, “Thriller” continues to be a hit to this day. Even with HBO’s Leaving Neverland, the song has inspired “Thriller” walks across America. Many Thriller Parades with zombies roaming the streets take place across the US during this day of the year.

Also, according to Billboard, “Thriller” was the number one Halloween song of last year. Jackson’s streams spiked up by 22 percent since the documentary launched, however, it did decrease by 32% on the radio.

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