KDAY Hosts Share Their ‘1 Minute Opinions’ On Kanye West

KDAY Hosts Share Their '1 Minute Opinions' On Kanye West

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After much anticipation for the long-awaited Jesus Is King album, Kanye West is officially back with new music, a new journey and a new vibe; and so is our honest 1 Minute Opinion series!

Just in time for Ye’s release, all of your favorite KDAY hosts have come together to give their two cents and more about the undeniable legend that is Kanye West! Romeo, Cece, Noah Ayala, Paulina, and PJ Butta share their thoughts on one of hip-hop’s most controversial and artistic artists in the game. Whether it’s his production, lyrical content, flow, fashion, tech advances, there is much to be said about Mr. West.

Peep the full installation of 1 Minute Opinions below!

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