Nelly Reaches Settlement in Sexual Assault Case

Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Nelly recently settled out of court for a sexual assault case that stemmed from a problem in the UK. For the most part, Nelly has spent a good part of his career with a band-aid on his face, giving the world several hits that continue to play in the clubs. However, Nelly’s had his fair share of problems of being accused for sexual assault, with the most recent accusation before this being just last year with a woman in Seattle, where a settlement was reached as well. In this case, the issue stems from a December 2017 show he played in Essex.

The issue has been purportedly privately addressed any outstanding issues. The accuser’s name has stayed unknown, anonymously going by “Jane Doe” in her claim. She battled that the St. Louis rapper constrained her to perform oral sex on him after the above-mentioned Essex show, at the post-concert meet-and-greet. Nelly, however, asserts that the claims against him are false. Essex police originally launched their investigation back in January.

In any case, presently TMZ reports that on documents filed on Tuesday (Oct. 22), “Jane Doe” told the judge that she and Nelly had privately addressed any remaining issues. Back in April, she quit collaborating with Essex police, rather concentrating on her government claim against Nelly. That arrangement obviously worked, but the provisions of the settlement have not been revealed, and more than likely won’t be. For now, Nelly and his girlfriend, Shantel Jackson (who was also included by “Jane Doe” in her lawsuit), are putting this case behind them.

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