Gemini Man Set To Lose $75 Million in Box Office

Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Gemini Man came out earlier this month, and unfortunately for the people the behind the film, it’s currently suffering a huge loss of at least $75 million. This is unfortunate because along with the A-list star that Will Smith is, and the acclaimed director that Ang Lee is, you’d expect the movie to have done better in the box office. Taking a couple different things into consideration, the movie had some tough competition to go along with it. For one, the blockbuster Joker was running the box office, and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil being a proper contender to Ang Lee’s film.

The reported production budget of the movie was $138 million, with its worldwide total being $118.7 million. Domestically speaking, the movie is only actually set at $20.5 million. The Chinese release of Gemini Man had hope behind it to save it, but the film lost out to Maleficent in China – resulting in an upset. This doesn’t mean all is lost for Will Smith in recent times of course, being that the Bad Boys franchise relaunch in 2020 is already hyped for a huge release.

Gemini Man is the story of a veteran hitman who undertakes a fight to the death against a clone of himself in the prime of life. Will Smith’s character is stalked by a young clone of himself in a movie that promised to be a new revolution in the field of digital effects. Unfortunately it was met with very negative reviews upon release, and for a movie that was being promoted off the strength of its starring actors and sci fi anticipation, attention was ultimately lost once it officially came out. Gemini Man has seven accredited screenwriters, many of them major players in the game: Andrew Niccol, Billy Ray, Darren Lemke, Christopher Wilkinson, Stephen J. Rivele, Jonathan Hensleigh and David Benioff.