Rakim Calls Eminem A Lyrical “Beast”

Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

It may come as no surprise that Eminem holds many lyricists in high regard, especially those that came before him. While many consider Em as one of the greatest to rap, there’s one rapper who’s opinion should really count. In a recent interview with Shade 45, Rakim called Eminem a “beast behind the mic.”

When Who Kidd told Rakim who Eminem prefers between him and Big Daddy Kane, he said, “Eminem gravitates toward you more.” Rakim responded by saying, “he’s a beast, that’s my man.” Rakim was then asked if he has more respect for lyricists or people that make catchy songs.

“It depends,” Rakim said. “You got some rappers who make dope songs, and you got lyricists that make us rewind the song. It’s like, I’m still a fan of hip-hop. It could be male, female, white, black. I know it when I hear it, and I love to hear it. People pushing the envelope, keeping the genre alive.” He then says that there’s many rappers may not look to elevate their game and are just content with making “dope songs” and music that “you can’t help getting up to it.”

Watch what Rakim had to say below:

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