Daz Dillinger Raps and Answers Questions With Two Fans On Cece & Romeo

Via: GuapCityProductions

Daz Dillinger stopped by the KDAY Morning Show with Cece today to takeover the show, rap with two of his fans and answers some questions they had for him.

Daz made sure to listen to both Tommy Boy Dreamers and Spez Loaks, with Spez saying, “wow, man. It’s like a dream come true. It’s like getting hit in the head with a 2 X 4.” Tommy then said, “I was just here to meet a legend and chop it up with him, but look at what we got.” Daz Dillinger then said that both rappers would go to the studio with him and will collaborate on a track together.

Tommy then asked about unreleased Tupac tracks and if Daz still had any that fans may have not heard yet. Daz goes on to say how the songs he has are acapellas and the remaining songs belong to Universal Music Group. Tommy followed up by asking about possible Biggie tracks Daz may still have and Tha Dogg Pound member stated that the songs would have to be recovered, but that he has them. Spez then asked about any upcoming projects Daz was working on and the latter stated that he’s mainly into production at the moment, but would be working with both Tommy and Spez.

Daz goes on to say that he will be working on movies, but will choose to do it independently.

Check out Daz Dillinger checking in with Cece below:

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